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Dunham Business Radio

Dunham Business Radio

This weekly show offers the HUMAN perspective on business by spotlighting small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and BizKids who share stories of their entrepreneurial journeys on a platform that brings hope and inspiration back to the audience.

Located in Arlington, TX, the show has listeners throughout the United States and within 11 countries. The audience consists of 98% of entrepreneurs and/or small business owners, with a 65/35% split of women and men. Each guest brings their "social followers" to the show and demographics increase with each exposure and evergreen replay. Over 175 guests have been interviewed for the show since its inception in 2019. New shows are released every Monday on the show's YouTube channel.

Guests on the show sometimes offer special deals and discounts for the listeners of the show.

We post those offers on this site for you.

To be a guest on the show, or post an offer on this site, send an email to dunhambusinessradio@gmail.com.

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